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    At DE LA FONTAINE, we believe that each of our employees, whether they work in the factory, the office or in the field along with our clients, is an essential part of the creative value and excellence upon which our reputation is built. Visit our site regularly to see the latest job postings, or submit your application to rh@delafontaine.com

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    Laborer (Full time)

    Woburn, MA

    Permanent - Full time

    Design and performance: this is the balance that our designers, engineers and production teams strive for every day. Design, with innovative solutions and collections that let architects create custom openings. Performance, with steel doors and metal frames that meet the most stringent security, durability and fire-resistance standards.

    Job description :

    • Several positions available (assembly clerk, folding clerk, grinding clerk, etc.) according to experience and demonstrated aptitude;
    • Receive and carry out work instructions for tasks to be completed;
    • Perform inspections of manufactured pieces and ensure they are compliant.

    You will have an influence on:

    • Production development and advancement;
    • The quality of products manufactured.

    Job requirements :

    • Secondary education diploma;
    • 1 to 2 year's experience in a factory (a key asset);
    • Good manual dexterity and ability to work quickly;
    • Professional or personal experience using small tools: screwdriver, pliers, tape measure, calipers, grinder;
    • Show attention to detail and pride in doing one's job well;
    • Adaptability to various workstations.

    Employment status: Permanent, full-time

    Curriculum vitae
    Attach 6 M max.
    Operations Supervisor (Lindstrom Corp., MD)

    Lindstrom Corporation a division of DE LA FONTAINE, Maryland, USA 

    Are you an experienced specialist in sheet metal production and you have a manufacturing supervision background?
    Are you a self-driven plant supervisor always looking to improve efficiency and workforce mobilization? If you answered yes to these questions, there could be a place for you in our team.

    DE LA FONTAINE is seeking a motivated Operations Supervisor to join our team in the manufacturing of metal architectural products. Working in a highly stimulating environment, you will be part of a team that has multiple manufacturing locations. You will be reporting directly to the group’s corporate operations director. 

    With your dedication to deliver products on time and free from defects, you will become a key player for the success and growth of the company.

    To excel in this role, you must:

    • Always have customer satisfaction top of mind and be able to instill this value in your employees;
    • Be able to perform the same tasks as your employees, putting emphasis on teamwork. Be able to train and guide them in their learning processes;
    • Through your leadership, motivate your employees in following your lead in promoting customer satisfaction.

    Job responsibilities:

    • Supervise 20 to 25 employees and oversee plant production, quality, and health and safety requirements while maintaining a clean, orderly working environment, in compliance with all company policies.
    • Publish daily inbound, WIP and shipping reports. Monitor plant efficiencies to meet established baselines and correct offsets.
    • Oversee accurate shop floor reporting for production, scrap, quality KPIs, and other company metrics.
    • Manage workloads; define daily objectives and deliverables.
    • Act as key contact with our customer service department and establish strong business partnerships with them.
    • Evaluate work areas to make changes necessary to ensure optimal use of manpower and equipment.
    • Maintain and motivate workforce by communicating company policies, procedures, operational changes, etc.; counsel and discipline employees as needed.
    • Other duties as assigned.

    Job requirements:

    • Associate degree or equivalent.
    • 2 to 5 years’ experience in manufacturing as a laborer, team leader, manager or supervisor in a steel transformation field is strongly preferred.
    • Architectural product experience (such as with doors, windows, frames and hardware) would be a significant asset.
    • Considerable knowledge and judgment to manage best practices interpretation of policies to evaluate, select, and apply industry techniques and standards.
    • Strong interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to function independently and/or as a part of a team.
    • Capacity to develop close relationships with our sales representatives and our customer service department.
    • Very structured and organized.
    • Computer skills: word processing software, spreadsheet software, order processing software, manufacturing software.
    Curriculum vitae
    Attach 6 M max.
    Process engineer (Lindstrom Corp., MD)

    Lindstrom Corporation a division of DE LA FONTAINE, Maryland, USA 

    Are you an experienced specialist in sheet metal production and do you have a significant manufacturing process engineering background? Are you always looking to improve efficiency, optimization, improvement and safety? If you answered yes to these questions, there could be a place for you in our team.

    The process engineer will conduct studies and develop and supervise programs designed to make optimal use of materials, equipment, technology and processes in order to improve efficiency and productivity. The process engineer reports to the director of operations and works in close collaboration with multidisciplinary teams to facilitate production process management.


    Job description:


    • Design and establish the layout of the factory and its installations
    • Assess machinery and new installations, and recommend or select the most effective combinations
    • Purchase equipment and machines
    • Add new technologies to resolve problems of efficiency and product feasibility
    • Develop manufacturing systems and methods
    • Conduct assessments to optimize the use of machinery, materials, resources and workstations
    • Conduct reliability and profit studies of the factory’s installations, production systems and administrative systems
    • Supervise internal and external technicians
    • Determine long-term and preventive maintenance measures
    • Train employees on machinery and maintenance
    • Prepare training manuals for each position
    • Conduct manufacturing tests when a new product is produced or when improvements are made to an existing product line

     Continuous improvement

    • Develop maintenance standards, schedules and programs
    • Implement a daily continuous improvement process for the activities of the operations supervisor by establishing a list of priority tasks and counter-validation
    • Provide coaching to the operations supervisor

     Health and safety

    • Verify machinery, conduct risk analysis and classify risks
    • Implement solutions to eliminate risks
    • Develop SST standards, schedules and programs


    Job requirements:

    • Degree in mechanical engineering
    • 3 to 5 years’ experience in the manufacturing sector
    • Experience in sheet metal transformation
    • Strong knowledge of industrial processes: lean management, Six Sigma (asset)
    • Must enjoy being present on the shop floor on a regular basis and conducting personal checks and tests on the machines
    • Flexibility (adaptability and ability to make decisions quickly)
    • Communication skills and capacity to develop strong relationships with the members of the multidisciplinary team
    • Strong knowledge of word processing software, spreadsheet software, order processing software, manufacturing software and Microsoft MS Office (especially Excel)
    Curriculum vitae
    Attach 6 M max.
    Customer Service Representative (Lindstrom Corp., MD)

    Lindstrom Corporation a division of DE LA FONTAINE, Maryland, USA 

    DE LA FONTAINE, manufacturer of steel doors and frames, is seeking a versatile Customer Service Representative – Technical Specialist to work in a fast-paced team environment.

    Reporting to the coordinator of the Customer Service department, the representative will respond to various customer requests, provide technical support, and receive and handle quote requests for steel doors and frames for construction projects. He will develop proposals based on customer needs and the company’s price structure.

    In addition to having strong technical expertise in construction, the successful candidate is also structured, disciplined and very autonomous.


    Job description:

     Customer service

    • Respond to customer questions on various topics: delivery timelines, feasibility, special requests, order status, etc.;
    • Ensure and coordinate technical assistance for clients regarding installed products: issue resolution, maintenance procedures, installation information, product returns or replacement, etc.;
    • Prepare response protocols following established guidelines, compile the results and write up reports according to established standards;
    • As needed, coordinate planning and implementation of corrective measures on the jobsite;
    • Provide support and follow-up by relaying technical information.


    • Proceed with estimates and evaluations of doors and frames in order to develop a quote;
    • Analyze and interpret plans and quotes;
    • Prepare quotes, specifying quantities and including costs for doors and frames, in accordance with the price and markup structure;
    • Provide occasional assistance to other estimators for various projects in the event of tight deadlines;
    • Interpret and adapt customer projects to reflect the company’s nomenclature;
    • Direct customer requests to the appropriate internal resources;
    • Assume all other responsibilities and execute all other tasks related to the role.

     Job requirements:

    • Degree in a field directly related to construction, such as a D.E.C. (college diploma) in architecture or building techniques, technical qualifications in engineering, or an A.E.C. (attestation of collegial studies) in construction estimation
    • 3 to 5 years’ experience in a similar role
    • Ability to read plans and quotes 
    • Knowledge of AutoCAD and the Microsoft Office Suite: Word, PowerPoint and Excel (advanced);
    • Relevant experience with metals (an asset) and/or door and frame production.
    Curriculum vitae
    Attach 6 M max.

    Spontaneous Application

    To support its growth in Canada and around the world, De La Fontaine is always seeking dynamic and motivated new talent. Do you have a passion for the design and development of innovative products? Do you want to contribute to the success of a team and to that of a renowned Quebec-based company? Are you recognized for your sense of teamwork, reliability, and engagement? If so, open our doors and join a respectful, and respected, employer. 

    The core competencies we value:

    In the factory

    • Production (technicians in folding, gluing, laser, etc.) 
    • Shipping and receiving
    • Maintenance

    In the office 

    • Administration, accounting, human resources 
    • Operations (order entry, programming, technical drawing, etc.)
    • Engineering
    • Customer service

    We offer: A people-focused, safe and eco-responsible working environment, competitive salaries and benefits, training programs, and opportunities for advancement according to performance. 

    To apply: Send your CV and a letter of application to Human Resources, at rh@delafontaine.com, noting the position for which you are applying in the subject line.