• Fire-rated doors

    Behind each of our doors is an innovative idea, state-of-the-art technology, and a team that strives to unite the strength of steel with the power of design.

    Fire-rated doors

    Our fire-rated doors comply with all standards

    The basic requirements and limitations affecting DE LA FONTAINE fire-rated doors and frames are defined by:

    • the National Fire Protection Association;
    • NFPA 80 (Standard Positive Pressure Fire Tests of Door Assemblies);
    • NFPA 252 (Standard Methods of Fire Test of Door Assemblies);
    • NFPA 257 (Standard on Fire Test of Window and Glass Block Assemblies);
    • and British Standard BS-476-22.

    Each of our fire-rated doors received their approval

    Since the DE LA FONTAINE team is delicated to innovation and new product development, we purchased our own testing facility for fire-rated doors and frames.

    Once product development is complete, we perform a final test at the ITS facility to receive their approval and obtain listing, labeling, and follow-up services for the fire-rated doors and frames we manufacture.

    For additional information on the fire rated doors and frames manufactured by DE LA FONTAINE, contacts us.


    Fire-rated door rating depends on:

    • Door size
    • Single or pair of doors
    • Door gauge
    • Door core
    • Door thickness
    • Exposed glass dimension
    • Astragal on pair of doors


    Fire-rated doors - Download more information

    Fire-rated doors