• Paint and finishes

    Maximum durability, minimum delivery time.

    Paint and finishes

    When it comes to finishing, as with every step in the production process, DE LA FONTAINE brings together esthetics and performance.

    From all the types of paint available, we decided on powder coating, wich meets the most stringent quality, durability and environmental demands. It outperforms other paint types in terms of resistance to scratches, chips or other blemishes, and its glossy finish gives it a superior visual appearance. Powder coating paint is available in the 213 colors of the Classic RAL chart www.ralcolorchart.com. We can also create a custom color for you, to ensure your doors and frames blend harmoniously into your project.

    Whatever your selection, you’ll benefit from the rapid delivery time our reputation is built on.


    • Wide choice of colors: 213 shades available from the RAL Classic Chart, as well as custom colors
    • Quality: This paint exceed ANSI A250.3
    • Simplicity: Save time and costs compared to paints that are prepared and applied at the jobsite
    • Rapidity: Fast delivery times and the ability to install factory-finished products as soon as they arrive on the jobsite
    • Environmentally sound: Lead- and heavy-metal-free paints; no VOCs at the jobsite

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