• Warranty and Quality Assurance

    When you install a door in hong kong that was manufactured in sherbrooke, there’s no room for error. the product must be reliable and meet specifications.

    Warranty and Quality Assurance

    None of our doors, no matter how elegant the design, would have been chosen by the Pentagon or the Boston Museum of Fine Arts if they didn’t also demonstrate the hallmarks of total quality, on which our reputation of the past 40 years has been built. More than a marketing promise, the reliability of our products and services is a moral commitment, one that is the focus of our research and investment:

    • Meet or exceed industry standards
    • State-of-the-art production tools 
    • Highly qualified personnel, trained in renowned and respected institutions such as the Door and Hardware Institute and the Construction Specification Institute
    • ISO 9001:2000-certified installations
    • Implementation of lean management practices to increase quality while reducing delays and costs through continuous improvement and waste reduction